Welcome to Karadya


Who we are

We are qualified biologists, with many years of academic and field experience, with a passion for ecology and environmental protection. Our passion, however, extends to passing on our knowledge and providing opportunities for our Guests to share the wonders of the environment in which we live. To that end, we have created Karadya Lodge and the Karadya Hostel.

We live in the BioReserve, we know the area, its resources and its people. We belong to the Community and all of the materials that we use and food that we eat come from the Community. Our Team is made up of local people with extensive knowledge of the forest and its inhabitants as well as young scientists, whose ecological and socio-economic research we support in and around the Karadya BioReserve.

Paraje Independiente | C.P.: 3370 | Comandante Andresito - Misiones | Argentina
GPS: 25° 52' 14"S 53° 58' 10"W

Contact and booking

Te: (03757)1546-1858
Email: info@karadya.com.ar